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The state Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing has sanctioned the licenses of three nurses accused of abusing drugs.

Freda Beth Campbell, Kanab, has had her license revoked for failing to provide a random urine sample to licensing regulators. The random samples were part of five-year probation to monitor possible drug abuse.Although the probation required Campbell to bear the costs of the tests, the order said she contends she couldn't afford it nor the four hours it took to travel to the place where she was required to provide the samples.

Campbell said she would comply with the random testing if it were done by a local hospital, the order said. But licensing officials questioned whether the testing would be done on a random basis.

The division has indefinitely suspended the license of Susan Brooks (Stratton), accused of taking drugs from patients and falsifying patient records to obtain drugs for her own use.

The order said Brooks, formerly a nurse at the University of Utah and Holy Cross hospitals, explained her abuse stemmed from addiction to pain medication taken after three surgeries.

Brooks is now undergoing treatment at Veterans Administration Hospital in Sheridan, Wyo., the order said. Following her therapy and report from her doctor, the State Board of Nursing will place her license on probation.

Linda Susan Cummings, accused of illegally using a physician's Drug Enforcement Administration number to obtain a prescription weight-loss drug, has had her license placed on two years probation.

Cummings worked for the physician four years earlier and used a fictitious name to identify herself when she placed the prescription, the order said.

Cummings said she ordered Tenuate because her husband requested she lose weight. The order said Cummings asked her husband to pick up the drugs, which were never dispensed by the pharmacy.