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Some Hollywood tidbits:

- The movie version of "Glengarry Glen Ross" finally is to start shooting next month with Alec Baldwin in one of the central roles.- The producers of the movie "Prelude to a Kiss," based on the current Broadway play, hope to snag Baldwin, too. He did the show off-Broadway but did not stay with it when it moved to a larger theater. Timothy Hutton took over.

Alec Guinness will do Barnard Hughes' role.

- Spock will fall in love in "Star Trek VI," which Nicholas Meyer will write and direct. Meyer directed "II" and co-wrote "IV."

- Disney's Easter cartoon release will be a reissue of "The Great Mouse Detective," which the trailer running in theaters now is identifying as "The Adventures of the Great Mouse Detective."

The 1986 movie is making a relatively fast return to theaters. Seven years is normal for a Disney, but now that half or more are being recycled on videocassette after their latest releases, the normal rotation is being shaken.