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Church leaders expressed sadness over the loss of a meetinghouse in Santiago, Chile, but said they were grateful no one was injured when terrorists invaded and destroyed the building Dec. 16.

Terrorists entered the La Pincoya meetinghouse and ordered about 30 people at a Sunday service to leave. The invaders then set fire to the building, police reported. The attack was evidently connected to a visit by U.S. President George Bush on Dec. 6.A statement was released to the media Dec. 17, by Bruce L. Olsen, Managing director of Public Communications/Special Affairs.

"We have learned that terrorists claiming to be representatives of an anti-U.S. movement set fire to and destroyed the La Pincoya meetinghouse in Santiago, Chile, area Sunday.

"We are saddened that the Chilean people who used the building have now lost their place of worship. At the same time, we express our gratitude that those worshippers who were in the meetinghouse were allowed to leave and that no one was hurt.

"As we have in relation to similar attacks in the past, we again emphasize that these are attacks on churches built by Chileans for the use of Chileans."