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Blood banks will have to ask a broader range of personal questions of would-be donors under new regulations that recognize the growing spread of AIDS among heterosexuals.

The new policy, announced Wednesday, also ends the ban on donations from Haitians and eases the ban on donations from natives of sub-Saharan African nations.The Haitian government called for a "massive program of re-educating Americans" about a policy it said has ruined that country's tourism industry, cost thousands of jobs and caused Haitian children to be "snubbed and taunted."

The regulations should be implemented at all blood "establishments," including Red Cross centers, within a few months, said Brad Stone, a spokesman for the Food and Drug Administration, which oversees the safety of blood supplies.

"The strengthened program will enhance, rather than replace, the current procedures used to safeguard the blood supply," Health and Human Services Secretary Louis W. Sullivan said in a statement.