A non-commissioned Army officer from Fort Bragg, N.C., will be charged with murder soon for allegedly shooting a Panamanian prisoner during the Dec. 20 invasion of Panama, the Army Times said Friday.

In an article that will appear in Monday's edition of Army Times, the independent weekly defense publication said the Army's Criminal Investigation Command had nearly completed its probe.An Army spokesman would not comment on the story, nor would he confirm that such an investigation was being conducted.

The alleged murder was the gravest of more than 60 incidents arising from the Dec. 20 U.S. invasion, the Army Times said. Army sources said various violent incidents resulted in 21 formal investigations, and eight involved deaths.

"In addition to the expected murder charge, sources said they expect another incident to result in a charge of wrongful death," Army Times said. Yet another case, in which one source said a soldier allegedly shot and killed a buddy while messing around with his weapon, might yield lesser charges.