More than 500 of the most outstanding seniors from 45 high schools along the Wasatch Front are featured in this special section. They have been selected by their school for excellence in scholarship, leadership and citizenship and nominated into the prestigeous ranks of Sterling Scholars.

For nearly three decades the Deseret News and KSL have sponsored the program especially to focus public attention on the truly remarkable performances of the state's best scholars. Just as outstanding athletes may be named to all-star teams, these young men and women are inducted into a "scholastic all-star team." Join the sponsors in saluting the entire Sterling Scholar Class of 1990.

General Scholarship (multiple photographs)

This category is intended to provide recognition for the highly capable scholar who uses exceptional ability in the interest of others. The nominee must have achieved high excellence in all fields, without noticeable weaknesses. The choice of a candidate in this category is to be made on grounds of scholarship, leadership, citizenship, character and service in all fields.

English (multiple photographs)

For scholarship and achievement in English, literature, mass communications, creative writing, and allied subjects. The quality of thought, maturity, originality and technical skill will be considered in selecting in the winners.

Music (multiple photographs)

For demonstrating outstanding scholarship and achievement in the field of music. Exceptional talent in vocal or instrumental music will be considered, but service to school or community through this talent also will be among determining qualifications.

Speech/Drama (multiple photographs)

For scholarship and achievement in public speaking, drama, debate, or other forensic events. In addition to including two examples of their work, or descriptions of their activities related to the category, nominees should be prepared to give a brief demonstration.

Mathematics (multiple photographs)

For scholarship and achievement in mathematics as demonstrated by initiative, an outstanding record in mathematics competitions or tests and for evidence of potential contributions to mathematical knowledge. Nominees should include state and national math scores and other standardized mathematics test results.

Social Science (multiple photographs)

For scholarship and achievement in the field of history, American government, world affairs and related subjects. Nominees may have shown inventiveness in relating social studies to existing problems and in translating concepts into experiment.

Business Education (multiple photographs)

For scholarship and achievement in marketing, distributive education, secretarial skills or shorthand, typing and word processing, bookkeeping, accounting, and related subjects. Nominees may have won awards in competition or served well in business or secretarial fields, either for school, church or other organizations, or place of employment.

Science (multiple photographs)

For scholarship and achievement in advanced work, inventiveness or outstanding service in the field of science, engineering, chemistry, physics, biology, and related subjects. Imagination, originality or special contributions will receive major consideration in judging.

Foreign Language (multiple photographs)

For scholarship and persistence in the study in the schools of Utah of a foreign language other than a native tongue. Students should have made unusual contributions to the field of foreign language study, or demonstrated increasing interest in such studies at their school.

Visual Arts (multiple photographs)

For exceptional skill and creative expression in the fields of painting, drawing, sculpture, commercial art, arts crafts, artistic photography and related fields. Nominees may have demonstrated professional potential in one or more of the visual arts, contributed outstanding service to the school, and successfully competed in district and state art shows.

Industrial Education (multiple photographs)

For scholarship and achievement in woodworking, metalworking, electronics, welding, auto mechanics, drafting, industrial or commercial photography, vocational agriculture, and related fields. Nominees may have won prizes in competitions, devised equipment or materials for school use or shown unusual progress in this study.

Home Economics (multiple photographs)

For outstanding achievement in health sciences, foods and nutrition, clothing and textiles, child development, consumer education, and other aspects of home economics. Nominees may have won awards in competitions or may have used their home economics skills to render conspicuous service to their school, church or other organization.