Less than a week after 36-year-old Steven J. Piper was sentenced to 11 consecutive 1-to-15-year prison terms for a series of burglaries in Cache County, a judge has ordered him to serve six additional terms for felony forgery and theft.

Piper was one of three men sentenced in 1st District Court on March 12 in more than 20 burglaries that took place in Cache County last November and December.At the time, Judge Gordon Low referred to Piper as "the ringleader of the group who has served previous prison sentences for similar charges."

For that reason, the judge said he would make Piper's prison terms consecutive, while those for Brian McIntosh, 28, and Thomas James Mook, 26, will run concurrently.

Piper received an additional 1-to-15-year prison term for theft of a firearm.

The new sentence brings the total time Piper could spend in prison from 151 years to 241 years.

Cache County Sheriff's Detective Troy Nielsen said the forgery charges came about after officers found that he possessed identification cards in the name of William Thomas. Nielsen said because the investigation into the burglaries was so time consuming, officers were unable to pursue the forgery charges until the original cases were disclosed.