Millard County residents could get free telephone service for a month if Contel isn't quick to respond to their complaints.

Contel is the telephone company operating in the county, and the policy is the only one of its kind in Utah. Company officials call it a service-repair guarantee.In announcing the policy, Contel President Ron Mullins told the company's subscribers, "If you can't call out or receive incoming calls and you report the problem, we'll have it fixed within 24 hours. If we don't, we'll give you an entire month of local phone service free. And that's a promise."

The guarantee doesn't include outages of a customer's own equipment or problems due to a disconnection by the company from non-payment of services.

The guarantee also extends to customers seeking new telephone service. If service is not installed within 24 hours after Contel agrees to provide it, there will be no cost for the first month.