Former Draper Police Chief Wayne J. Riley, 42, escaped a long jail sentence Monday when 3rd District Court Judge Michael R. Murphy stayed a sentence of zero to five years in prison and, instead, sentenced Riley to 30 days in jail, fined him $1,000 and ordered him to make restitution.

Riley pleaded guilty earlier to unlawful dealing by fiduciary, a third-degree felony. He had been charged with taking $1,755 cash that had been seized as evidence by his police department and using it for personal expenses, including the purchase of a new shotgun.Riley also was accused of taking $12.95 from the evidence vault and using it for the police department's coffee fund and selling copper wire that was seized from theft suspects.

The defendant, who resigned from the police department shortly after being charged with four felonies, pleaded guilty to one of the charges and, in exchange, prosecutors dropped two identical charges as well as a second-degree felony theft charge.