There may be a special legislative session later this year to find state money for a Salt Palace expansion, but it won't be until after July 1, legislative leaders said Wednesday.

On the final day of the 1990 session, advocates of giving $15 million in state funds toward the $50 million-plus Salt Palace expansion failed to get their measure approved.Wednesday afternoon, Senate Minority Leader Rex Black, D-Salt Lake, convinced other members of the Legislative Management Committee that the Salt Palace issue shouldn't even be studied by lawmakers.

And House Majority Leader Craig Moody, R-Sandy, said he's spoken with Gov. Norm Bangerter about the funding problem, and both agreed there will be no special session until after the state's fiscal year ends June 30. "Then we'll know if we even have any surplus to give," Moody said.

"We'll put off holding a special session for as long as possible. It may even be this can wait until the 1991 session," Scruggs said.