The largest exhibit of works by Vincent Van Gogh opened Friday in two museums to mark the 100th anniversary of the Dutch impressionist painter's death.

Queen Beatrix unveiled a Van Gogh self-portrait to officially open the historic showing of 133 paintings and 248 drawings, which runs until July 29, the date in 1890 the artist committed suicide at the age of 37.Friday was the artist's birthday.

Schoolchildren gave the queen a bouquet of flowers, perhaps the most legendary subject matter of a troubled artist who sold just one painting in his lifetime.

"The Sunflowers" and "Still Life With Zinnias" are but two paintings of flowers on exhibit.

Other highlights include "Starry Night," "Portrait of the Postman Roulin," "The Potato Eaters" and "Self Portrait With Bandaged Ear," painted after Van Gogh hacked off his left ear in an 1888 fit of madness.