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A St. George man who treats stress-related ailments by helping patients detect and rid themselves of evil spiritshas surrendered his chiropractor's license because his methods conflict with state law governing the chiropractic profession.

Jan Marion Graf cited personal reasons for turning in his license. "What I do now is better than what I was doing" as a chiropractor, he told the Deseret News.Graf declined to describe his present practice, saying it is difficult to explain and easily misunderstood.

But documents at the state Division of Professional and Occupational Licensing describe it as chiropractic psychology where kinesiology - the study of human muscular movement - is used to detect the presence of evil spirits.

"Specifically, (Graf) reviews each patient's case history, evaluates the energy fields of each patient's body and then attempts to locate and draw off negative energy and eliminate stress," documents said.

"If (Graf) determines that the presence of evil spirits is the cause of the patient's problem(s), he either refers the patient to religious authorities or provides assistance by instructing the patient to command the evil presence to leave."

Division investigators said Graf didn't employ commonly accepted chiropractic procedures to diagnose his patients, nor did he render treatment generally utilized by other practicing chiropractors.

In 1987, the state Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing, which investigated Graf on a complaint through the St. George city attorney's office, determined that Graf's practice constituted a danger to the public and violated state law governing the chiropractic profession.

As a result, Graf's chiropractor's license was put on probation for a year, but he found he couldn't abide by the probationary conditions and voluntarily surrendered his license, assistant attorney general Melissa M. Hubbell said.

One of the conditions prohibited the use of Graf's chiropractic expertise as a means to detect evil spirits or rid patients of the evil spirits, a 1987 division order said.

A Feb. 7, 1990, order accepting Graf's surrendering of his license said he could have it reinstated in the future.

But Graf explained that he prefers his methods to those of traditional chiropractic procedures. He said he tries to keep his practice "low key" by not advertising and receiving patients on referral from other patients.