A delay has been ordered for a hearing before the Utah Supreme Court regarding Millard County's request for access to tax information on the Intermountain Power Project. A new date was not set.

County officials have been unsuccessful in getting access to the information from the Utah Tax Commission. They believe a substantial amount of money is owing the county, possibly more than $3 million. Some $700,000 was received, but officials think the county may have been entitled to more.The Supreme Court previously ordered the Tax Commission to surrender the Intermountain Power Agency's audit report. The IPA objected to disclosing the information.

The hearing was continued with apparent agreement of IPA and Millard County attorneys. Negotiations between the two entities are continuing. An IPA attorney said that if an agreement is reached there won't be a hearing.

County officials have indicated they believe the amount of taxes owed was lowered in negotiations between IPA and the State Tax Commission and that's why they want to see the audit.