DEAR ABBY: My husband is 72 and I am 71. We have yearly checkups and are both in very good health. We live comfortably in our own home, with no mortgage and no debts. Our neighbors are very friendly, and we also have relatives living in this city, where we have lived happily for more than 50 years.

Our daughter and her husband, who are both physicians, live in Oregon. They are worried about our advancing age and want us near them. They say the little house next to them is now for sale and they want to buy it for us, in case at some point we have an emergency and need their help.We are very appreciative of their kindness and have told them time and again that we are happy here, but they insist that we would be better off living next door to them.

We want our daughter and her husband to fulfill their lives as we did and quit worrying about our future. It would be difficult for us to move at our ages, but they are very insistent! We respect your opinion, Abby. What should I do? - HAPPY IN FRESNO

DEAR HAPPY: Your children's concern for your welfare is admirable, but I think you'd be making a big mistake to give up your home and relocate because "at some point" you may need their help.

Older people fare best in familiar surroundings. So assure your children that you appreciate their generosity and caring, but you prefer to stay in Fresno, where you are happily and securely rooted.

DEAR ABBY: My wife and I travel in a van with our two standard poodles. In mild weather they can stay in the van overnight, but when it's very hot or very cold, we cannot leave them in a closed-up van, so we put them in a kennel. This is quite expensive and not satisfactory when we take long trips.

Can you tell us where to find a directory of overnight accommodations that allow dogs to stay in the rooms with their owners? We realize there are probably not many, because dogs can be destructive, dirty or noisy. Our vet knows of no such directory.

Thank you for any help you can give us. - WOODBURY, CONN.

DEAR WOODBURY: The American Automobile Association (AAA) has a list of hotels and motels that allow pets. Contact your local office for more information.

I am reminded of this charming message one reader saw framed and hanging near the registration desk in a small hotel:

"Dogs are welcome in this hotel. We never had a dog that smoked in bed and set fire to the blankets. We never had a dog who stole our towels, played the TV too loud or had a noisy fight with his traveling companion. We never had a dog that got drunk and broke up the furniture. So if your dog can vouch for you, you're welcome, too."

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