A flash fire in a pipeline firm's petroleum storage tank that was being repaired Thursday caused little damage to the tank and welding equipment but sent one man to the hospital with minor burns, South Davis Fire District Chief Brent Argyle reported.

Argyle said the 11:53 a.m. incident occurred at the Pioneer Pipeline Co., 245 E. 1100 North in North Salt Lake.Three men were welding inside an 80,000-barrel petroleum tank when some gasoline from an underground line, being used to shift gasoline from one tank to another, apparently leaked into the tank being repaired, the chief said.

The men noticed the gasoline smell, Argyle said, but the fumes ignited in a flash fire just as they were getting out. One man was taken to Lakeview Hospital for treatment of minor facial burns, the chief said, suffered when his hair and beard were singed.

"They were real fortunate. That tank filled with thick, black smoke, but they were able to find their way out," Argyle said.

After venting the tank of smoke, firefighters went in and found only minor damage to the welding equipment and hoses, the chief said. The fire apparently died out from lack of oxygen and didn't damage the tank or its seal, he said.