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It's that time of the year when Utahns decide that it won't snow anymore, the garage has gotten cluttered and the yard is looking shabby.

They get out the clippers, roll up their sleeves and start at it. Somewhere between clipping the hedges and moving the old refrigerator, they wonder if they should count on their local government to pick up all this junk or whether they need to take a trip to the dump.For residents in Salt Lake and Davis counties, the Deseret News has some answers. The following includes lists of all cities in the two counties and whether they provide cleanup service. It also includes landfill fees and hours and restrictions on burning.

Salt Lake County


Salt Lake County Landfill, 6030 W. 1300 South. Free dumping is allowed for all county residents during April. Hours are 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday. The landfill does not accept hazardous waste and limits tires to five per load. Landfill officials recommend that tires be taken to a shredder.

Trans-Jordan Landfill, 7250 W. 10640 South. Hours are 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Some south Salt Lake County cities are offering free or reduced rates for residents. Check listings of individual cities.

Both landfills said their least busy time is weekday mornings. Saturdays and evenings are most crowded.


In all areas of Salt Lake County agricultural burning is the only type of burning allowed. To qualify for agricultural burning, the resident must have at least five acres and that the land generates at least $1,000 a year, according to the Salt Lake County Fire Department.

Agricultural burning is allowed only from Nov. 1 through May 31 and on days when the air clearing index is above 500. To find out the index, call the State Bureau of Air Quality at 538-6708. Those who burn are required to first call Salt Lake County Fire dispatch at 265-4056.


There is no scheduled cleanup in Draper. The city will allow only agricultural burning between March 31 and May 20. For more information, call Draper City at 571-4121.


Residents may deposit material at a pickup site at 500 West and 4500 South on April 7, 14, 21 and 28 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Residents may also get a reduced-fee ticket from city hall to dump at the Trans-Jordan Landfill for 50 cents during April. Residents are encouraged to put spring cleanup debris with regular garbage. For more information call 264-2607 or 264-2608.


The city will conduct curbside pickups of debris on three consecutive Mondays, beginning April 9. The areas are:

-April 9, the area west of I-15 bordered by the city's north and south boundaries, 7500 South and 7800 South.

-April 16, an area north of Wasatch Street between I-15 and State Street.

-April 23, an area south of Wasatch Street between I-15 and State Street.

For more information, call 546-1418 and ask for public works.

Salt Lake City

The city will have a cleanup on Mondays from April 9 through Nov. 5 in 31 areas. For more information call 535-6999.

The boundaries of the cleanup areas for April are:

-April 9, Sunnyside Avenue to 1300 South - 1800 East to east city limits.

-April 16, Sunnyside Avenue to 1300 South - 1400 East to 1800 East.

-April 23, 900 South to 1300 South - 900 East to 1400 East.

-April 30, 200 South to 900 South - 900 East to University Street.


No special cleanup. Free passes for the Trans-Jordan Landfill are available at city hall. For more information call 254-0704.


Sandy will place special cleanup dumpsters at locations throughout April and May. The dumpsters will located in the following areas during the following time periods:

-April 2 through 13.

9670 S. 660 East

9980 S. 300 East

9250 S. 365 East

9191 S. 220 East

-April 9 through 13.

Bicentennial Park

8612 S. 120 East

8960 S. 120 East

9000 S. Brentmar Circle

-April 16 through 20

9140 S. 855 East

9490 S. 1030 East

8230 S. 1170 East

750 E. Cedar Terrace Drive

-April 23 through 27

8245 S. 1870 East

8080 S. 1520 East

Flat Iron Park (lower)

Falcon Park (lower)

-April 30 through May 5

8750 S. 2155 East

8730 S. 2355 East

9070 S. 2745 East

9295 S. 2720 East

-May 7 through 11

10375 S. 2090 East

10270 S. 1820 East

Buttercup Park (north side)

9980 S. 1790 East

-May 14 through 18

10965 S. 1535 East

11270 S. 2000 East (fire station)

11190 S. 1742 East

11500 S. 1660 East

-May 21 through 25

11525 S. 1975 East

11340 S. 2235 East

10945 S. 2145 East

11925 S. 2535 East

South Jordan

No cleanup. Free passes to the Trans-Jordan Landfill available at city hall.

South Salt Lake

The city will pickup yard debris in two areas:

-April 2, an area bordered by east and west boundaries from 3300 South to the south side of 2700 South.

-April 9, an area from north side of 2700 South to 2100 South.

Call 483-6035 for more information.

West Jordan

The city will place special trash containers for debris disposal at several locations during April. Passes to dump for 50 cents at the Trans-Jordan Landfill will be available at city hall. Dumpster locations include:

-April 1 through 30

Main Park, 7900 S. 1820 West

-April 2 through 8

Dixie Park, 6400 S. Kentucky Drive. (3620 West)

Constitution Park, 3300 W. 7000 South.

Colonial Park, 6900 S. 2000 West

-April 9 through 15

Jordan Meadows Park, 7500 S. 2350 West

Fire Station No. 25, 7839 S. 2700 West

Meadow Green Farms Park, 2975 W. 8568 S.

-April 16-22

Main Cemetery, 7850 S. 1300 West

8900 S. 1300 West

Brown's Meadow Park, 2450 W. 9160 S.

-April 23-29

Jordan Highlands, 8250 S. 4800 West

Public Works Complex, 8030 S. 4000 West

Purple Hills, 3675 W. Old Bingham Highway

For more information call 561-1463.

West Valley City

The city will have dumpsters on at locations on April 27 and a half-day on April 28. The locations are:

Old City Hall, 2470 S. Redwood Road

New City Hall, 3600 S. Constitution Blvd.

LDS Church, 4310 S. 3200 West

LDS Church, 3800 S. 6725 West

Woodledge Park, 5180 W. 4310 South

Utah Power & Light, 4100 S. 5800 West

Harmon's, 3500 S. 4000 West

Unincorporated areas

No special cleanups planned. Residents can dump free at Salt Lake County Landfill during April.

Davis County

Burning restrictions

In most areas only agricultural burning is allowed. In some areas east of I-15 no burning of any kind is allowed. Burning permits must be obtained through the Davis County Health Department at 451-3296. To obtain a permit, a resident must have two acres of farmland and 10 fruit trees, according to the South Davis Fire District.

Burning is allowed only on days when the air clearing index is above 500. To find out the index, call the State Bureau of Air Quality at 538-6708.


North Area Refuse Disposal Landfill, 1150 E. North Hills Drive off U-193, Layton. Hours are 8:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Monday through Saturday The landfill is most crowded in the evenings and on Saturdays. Expect to wait in line on Saturdays.

All Davis County residents who want to haul their own yard waste, except those who live in Bountiful, are required to use the landfill. The Davis Solid Waste District encourages residents to put yard waste on the curb rather than taking it to the landfill to increase trash loads at the district's burn plant.

Passes for the landfill are available from respective city offices.

Bountiful Municipal Landfill, Pages Lane and 1300 West, West Bountiful. Only open to Bountiful residents. New hours which begin April 16 are Tuesday and Thursday, 8 to 6 p.m. Wednesday, Friday and Saturday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. For information call 298-6175. Dumping is free April 23-27.


Bountiful will pick up yard trash and other junk on resident's regular garbage days April 23-27. Trees should be cut into 6-foot lengths. Old furniture and appliances should be placed in the drive approach and not in the street or sidewalk. Call 298-6175 for more information.


No city cleanup. Residents can take debris to NARD landfill, but leaving for regular trash pickup is encouraged.


Crews will stage cleanup from April 16-30. Residents should have out debris on curb beginning April 16. Call 451-2383 for more information.

Fruit Heights

No city cleanup currently planned. Residents can take debris to NARD landfill, but leaving for regular trash pickup is encouraged.


Crews will stage cleanup beginning April 2 on the west side of the city. Residents should have debris on curb beginning April 2. Call 546-1235 for more information.


No city cleanup. Resident can take trash to NARD landfill, leaving for regular trash pickup is encouraged.

North Salt Lake

Debris will picked up on April 9 in an area above Orchard Drive. The area below Orchard Drive will be serviced April 16. For more information call 298-3877.

West Bountiful

Cleanup planned. Date will be set by City Council on Tuesday. Call 292-4486 for more information.

Woods Cross

The city will pick up debris on April 21 in the area south of 1500 South and on April 28 in the area north of 1500 South. Debris should be out by 8 a.m. on those days. For large items call the city at 292-4421 for special pickup. Call that number for more information.

Unincorporated areas

No cleanup. Residents can take trash to NARD landfill or leave with regular trash.