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To the editor:

After reading about Arizona applying for more Colorado River water, I can see another grab for water resources that is bound to have a great impact on Utah's share of water that rightfully belongs to us.As we all know, the down-river states of Arizona, Nevada and California have claimed the lion's share of Colorado River water since settlements in the area affected by the river began. This is fine up to a point, and that point is when water is allocated to those states at the expense of potential Utah water rights.

Utah should be concerned about this vital resource that may be lost because of complacency. First of all, where does the bulk of the Colorado River water come from? Utah drainage (except that which comes from Wyoming by way of the Green River).

I have seen Utah short-changed constantly since I was a child growing up in the Cedar City area.

I plainly remember when the electric power was to be allocated from the Boulder Dam project. There was great excitement in Utah because of the possibility of us getting our fair and rightful share of the electric power from that source. But no, because of our weak-livered state government at that time and the wizardry and influence of the Utah Power and Light Co., we didn't get any of that power.

Who did get the bulk of that electricity? California, because they had politicians that were clever enough to grab this windfall.

Even with the completion of the Glen Canyon Dam at Page, Ariz., Utah gets only "a widow's mite" of power from that source.

There is not a community in Utah that does not need more water. There is a great potential for whole new communities and agricultural development, if we only had the foresight and expertise to get the water and electric power that is rightfully ours.

Dr. Howard K. Foster