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Eight Utah college students who have launched successful businesses were honored recently during the fifth Governor's Conference on Economic Development and Education.

The students were recognized through the Collegiate Enterpriser program. IBM and Novell contributed the awards, which were presented by Gov. Norm Bangerter. Winners included:Derek W. Smith, a junior at the University of Utah, who received $5,000 for establishing University Film Group. With a nonstudent partner, Russell Releya, Smith developed a company that produces college and university recruitment videos. They have 60 school contracts over the next three years, including Snow College, which has shown a 15 percent increase in campus visits since the video was produced.

Robert D. Hill, a University of Utah senior, was the second-place award of $2,000 for establishing Yearbooks Unlimited, which provides creates special yearbooks and memory books for amusement parks and national associations.

Tied for third place were Judy English and Kevin Lindsay. Each received a $1,000 award. English, a senior at Weber State College, created a company that provides painting, decorating and maintenance contracts for residential, commercial and industrial interiors. Lindsay is a senior at Utah State University. His company distributes first aid and safety kits.

Four runners-up, each awarded $250, were Deborah P. Cornic, a junior at Salt Lake Community College, who creates one-of-a-kind T-shirts and sweatshirts; Rod E. Cottle, Weber State junior and Robert J. Fuller, USU graduate student, who operate an international trade organization; and Laura L. Lowe, USU graduate student, who promotes land development and livestock holdings in southern Utah.