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Rep. Wayne Owens is way ahead in the 2nd Congressional District - in raising money, that is.

The latest Federal Election Commission financial reports show Owens, Utah's lone Democratic congressman, has raised $235,223 in his re-election effort.His two Republican opponents aren't close. Genevieve Atwood has raised $71,515, but $50,000 is a personal loan she's made to her campaign. And Dan Marriott, who held the 2nd District seat from 1976-84, has raised $34,463.

Marriott believes he must raise and spend between $750,000 and $1 million to beat Owens. But first he has to get past Atwood. Owens says he can raise $1 million if he has to.

Other FEC filings show Rep. Jim Hansen, R-Utah, has raised $63,478. His Democratic opponent, Kenley Brunsdale, had not filed his April 15 report with the lientenant governor's office. Brunsdale's earlier report showed about $19,000, with almost $700 coming from a loan from a family member.

Davis County Commissioner Dub Lawrence filed to run against Hansen on Monday night. He hasn't filed an FEC report yet.

And only two of the 10 candidates who've filed in the 3rd Congressional District have filed reports. Republican Dean Bristow has raised $16,246 and Republican John L. Harmer has raised $30,351, their reports show.

Because April 15 fell on a Sunday, candidates had until Monday at 5 p.m. to file their reports.

One of the main reasons Marriott didn't want Atwood in the race is that a legitimate primary challenge harms early fund-raising efforts - especially among political action committees. Why should a PAC give money to one Republican candidate when that candidate may be eliminated in a party primary? Then the PAC's money is wasted and it must give again to the winning Republican.

Accordingly, Marriott's statement shows only $1,500 in PAC money: $1,000 from the Union Pacific PAC and $500 from the Valley Utah Bank PAC.

Atwood has raised zero PAC money. Owens, on the other hand, has raised $71,646 from PACs, with at least $31,500 coming from labor association PACs.

Almost all of Atwood and Marriott's money has come since the first of the year. Owens carried over $73,905 from previous fund-raising efforts and added $161,318 raised since Jan. 1.

Owens also received money from organizations wishing to have influence on his House assignments on the Foreign Affairs and Interior committees. He got money from the Sierra Club and Iranian Society PACs.

Hansen sits on the House Armed Services and Interior committees. He received at least $19,400 from defense contractor PACs and company PACs interested in public land policy.

Brunsdale's old report shows he got most of his support from sportsmen and environmental groups.

Bristow is a medical doctor, and he got much of his money via contributions from doctors and others in the health care industry.

Harmer loaned his campaign $8,500. He's a former lieutenant governor of California and received some contributions from Californians. But most of his money came in small, individual contributions.


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The money race in 2nd District:

Rep. Wayne Owens $235,223

Genevieve Atwood $ 71,515*

Dan Marriott $34,463

* $50,000 is a personal loan