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The Spring issue of the Consumer Information Catalog is now available. For a copy send your name and address to the Consumer Information Catalog, Pueblo, Colo., 81009.

Among the many pamphlets available for free or minimal cost:"Lawn Service Contracts" (item 463W, 50 cents), which tells you how to choose a lawn care service, what your contract should cover and information about the use of pesticides on your lawn.

"Caffeine Jitters: Some Safety Questions Remain," (item 581W, free) explains the latest FDA findings about caffeine and how it can affect you.

"Sweetness Minus Calories Equals Controversy," (item 579W, free), discusses research findings on the three artificial sweeteners - saccharin, cyclamate and aspartame.

"Useful Information on Phobias and Panic," (item 582W, free), will help you understand the mental and physical symptoms, causes and treatments of these widespread anxiety disorders.

"When Someone Close has AIDS," (577W, free), is a new booklet to help you cope with the emotional and physical demands. It contains detailed information on what we know about AIDS, offers advice on caring for the AIDS patient, and lists precautions you should take as a caregiver.

"Getting Skilled, Getting Ahead," (item 574W, free), is a practical guide to choosing a career thhat is right for you. It contains information on the 20 expected fastest-growing and 20 expected fastest-declining occupations in the nation. It also has 107 job descriptions.

"Federal Student Aid Fact Sheet," (578W, free) lists Federal grants, loans and work-study programs to enable you to get a college education or vocational/technical training after high school.

"Take Action Against Drug Abuse," (580W, free), tells you how to set goals, apply for ACTION grants, fundraise, recruit, publicize and manage a volunteer anti-drug program in your community.

"Books for Children, #5" (114W, $1) is a descriptive list of the best books recently published for pre-school through junior high school age children.

"Developmental Speech and Language Disorders," (408W, 50 cents), discusses speaking and understanding problems in children, the causes and how parents can help. Includes a chart of language milestones from ages 1 through 6.

"Help Your Child Learn Math," (416W, 50 cents), discusses strategies to help early elementary children connect their real-life experiences with the math they learn in school.

"Help Your Child Learn to Write Well," (417W, 50 cents), explains simple ways parents can help encourage children to learn to express their ideas through writing.

"Help Your Child Become a Good Reader," (413W, 50 cents), explains how you can teach children, from toddlers on up, reading fundamentals and enjoyment. Suggested activities center around everyday activities and occurrences.

"Dietary Guidelines for Americans," (item 420W, 50 cents), talks about seven dietary guidelines to help you stay healthy based on recent research. Includes charts on desirable weights and calorie expenditures for various exercises.

For a copy of any of these booklets, send your name, address, item number and any payment to R. Woods, Consumer Information Center, Pueblo, Colo., 81009.