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Five environmental and anti-nuclear arms groups sent a letter Monday to Gov. Norm Bangerter, asking him to support their opposition to a proposed series of military radio wave relay towers.

The three-page letter from Downwinders Inc., Utahns United Against the Nuclear Arms Race, Women Concerned About Nuclear War, The No GWEN Coalition, and Utah Physicians for Social Responsibility asks Bangerter to oppose construction of the 300-foot towers near Kanab, just north of the Arizona-Utah state line, and in western Utah, about 70 miles south of Salt Lake City.The nationwide system of 96 towers - called Ground Wave Emergency Network - is designed to relay post-nuclear attack messages between military command centers and strategic bombers and intercontinental ballistic missile control centers.

The anti-military groups want Bangerter to encourage the state's congressional delegation to co-sponsor and support legislation which will cut off funding for the GWEN program, estimated to cost $433 million.