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The Utah Board of Pardons has put on hold a decision on parole for a Pleasant Grove man who kidnapped two young boys in 1981, sexually molested them and set them free after wishing them "merry Christmas."

Parole board member Victoria Palacios said she was puzzled by the actions of 31-year-old Jerry W. Ellis."It seems a bit bizarre to me that you would engage in these activities and then wish them a merry Christmas, as if what had happened was no more unusual than seeing a movie," Palacios told Ellis at his parole hearing.

"I went off my medication. I was just running wild," Ellis said. "I didn't understand totally what was going on."

He is serving two consecutive five-year-to-life terms for aggravated kidnapping.

Prison case workers say Ellis, who is mildly mentally retarded, is ready for parole to a halfway house and subsequent placement in an adult shelter.

But the mother of the two children Ellis kidnapped and molested urged the board to be cautious.

"We are frightened other people will not have their children returned," she said.

The victims' mother said she is concerned about a fantasy Ellis described to Orem police detectives in which he envisioned taking a little blond girl to a field, having sex with her and then cutting her to pieces.