Some 525 Clearfield High graduating seniors were urged to use the solemn moment of graduation as a stepping stone to the future during ceremonies at Weber State College's Dee Events Center.

The school's six co-valedictorians also urged the students to continue on the path of growth and progress as they move on to the other challenges of life that await them.Phil Hochheiser said graduation is that moment in time where one can reflect on the past while preparing to move into the future.

"There are many people to thank, but the most important person is yourself; you have had the motivation to reach this point," Hochheiser said. "Make this moment in time a plateau, because after tonight, you take the next great step towards the next plateau."

Hochheiser said diligence and dedication have been the tools that brought the seniors to their night of graduation. He cautioned them to continue to use those tools and choose carefully to continue to ascend the mountain of life.

Melinda Nixon told her fellow graduates that each person has within himself the potential to seize the moment in time when they can realize their dreams. She said life is better for all because of those people in the past who have taken time to seize their moments and to make their dreams reality.

"Choose your goals and set out to achieve them," Nixon urged. "Don't be afraid to go where their are no paths and leave a trail for others.

"You need to find that one moment in time before it is too late and let it shine," Nixon added.

Graduation is just one of many transitions in life, said David Kuralt, but it is one of the most important. "We alone now will make the decisions that shape our lives."

While there are risks to be faced, risks that sometimes generate feelings of fear, Kuralt said, overcoming those risks are the key to success and the accompanying inner peace.

Wendi Preece said the three-year struggle to make it through high school has taught three lessons for success. First, in education, it is not what you remember but what you learned that counts; second, that in finance, it is not what you earn, but what you save that makes a difference; and third, in life it is not one's potential that is important, but one's accomplishments.

Eric Williams told the graduates to learn from their failures. "Dare to go beyond your expectations, to step out and try a new path.

"Only those that dare to go beyond will know how far they can go," Williams said.

Graduation allows students to enter the doorway to a bright field of opportunities, said Kristine Westover. "Let your dreams be your own," she said. "Wisdom comes when you are true to the light that is within yourself."

Clearfield seniors have earned more than $500,000 in scholarships.