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A wild chase following a 4 a.m. robbery in Layton ended Friday morning when police officers from four different agencies opened fire on a robbery suspect, wounding him in the arm and forehead.

An 18-year-old Davis County man was taken into custody, and officers are still looking for a second man believed to have escaped before the chase began.According to Salt Lake Police Lt. Marty Vuyk, the series of events began at 3:59 a.m. when a Layton business was robbed by two gunmen. Moments later, a Clearfield police officer spotted a vehicle matching the description of the getaway car in the Layton robbery.

The officer attempted to stop the the car, which then fled. Officers from the Utah Highway Patrol, Layton and Clearfield then joined in the chase. "Eventually, the suspect fled south on I-15 at speeds in excess of 100 mph," Vuyk said.

After taking the 600 South exit, the suspect car traveled east to 1900 East, then turned around and headed west. At 700 South and 600 West, the suspect apparently tried to drive his car between a wire and a utility pole but instead wedged his car between the two.

Vuyk said the driver jumped from the car and ran into a nearby industrial area and hid. Officers, now joined by Salt Lake police, surrounded the yard ordered the man to surrender. The suspect refused.

"At this point, Salt Lake canine units responded," Vuyk said. "Then officers heard a flatbed truck loaded with heavy metal equipment start up, and it was clear he intended to crash a gate and continue his attempted escape."

Officers ordered the driver to stop and then opened fire when he refused. Bullet fragments struck the driver of the truck in the forehead and arm, after which the man surrendered. "It's probably a good thing he did because there were more officers outside the gate waiting for a shot at him," Vuyk said.

Officers recovered a weapon and a shoulder holster from the man's car. The man, whose identity was not released, was treated at Holy Cross Hospital, where he was in good condition Friday.