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The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has endorsed incumbent Rep. Jim Hansen, R-Utah, who is seeking a sixth term in the 1st Congressional District.

Hansen campaign manager Peter Jenks released a copy of the endorsement Monday to counter recent stories in the Deseret News about Kenley Brunsdale, his Democratic opponent, receiving endorsements from two national Democratic organizations."On the endorsement of that Kenley guy, (the Democratic Campaign Committee) said they were going to `closely watch' the race. Well, you can get anyone to closely watch a race," Jenks said.

Regarding Brundale's endorsement by the National Committee for an Effective Congress, Jenks said, "Who's ever heard of them? Well, we want to give you something that is highly recognized - the U.S. Chamber of Commerce."

In his letter to Hansen, Chamber President Richard L. Lesher said, "This endorsement is the result of an extensive process, which includes both a review of your voting record and the opinions of the Chamber members across the country and for your district. Your support of the free enterprise system is well-documented and to be commended."