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It seemed for a while that Nissan could do no wrong. Each one of their new cars got rave reviews and high customer satisfaction.

However, the Nissan Axxess van has been dropped from the sales lineup in the United States. What is wrong with Axxess? Nothing really, it just didn't quite fit this marketplace.Axxess was designed primarily for the Japanese market. Because, among other things, of gasoline that costs $4 per gallon, small cars are in great demand there. The Axxess is a tad smaller than the rest of the minivans selling in the $14,000 to $19,000 price range.

The Colt Vista, built by Mitsubishi and sold by Dodge and Chrysler Plymouth dealers is a smaller van, but has a lower price. Honda has a similar lower-priced vehicle.

When the present supply of Axxess vans are sold, there will be no more. Nissan expects it will be several years before they will be back in this market with a minivan. However, Nissan is sending over some well thought out cars.

Topping the Nissan product line is the Infiniti. This is a luxury car priced at $38,000. Infiniti has been introduced with a rather unusual advertising program.

For about $20,000 less there is the Maxima, which, according to the J.D. Power organization, has the fewest customer complaints of any car sold in the U.S. Maxima comes in a sport and luxury version.

The Nissan 300ZX, with prices in the $30,000 neighborhood, comes with and without turbocharged engines. This new "Z" car has captivated many sports car enthusiasts, as well as automotive reviewers.

Nissan broke some new ground when it introduced its new 240SX, which comes in both fastback and coupe body styles. Nissan worked closely with the insurance industry to build a car with spirit that does not require a surcharge for insurance coverage.

The Nissan Stanza is all new for 1990 and offers basic luxury equipment at prices that begin at less than $12,000. For bad-weather driving, Stanza is available with "advanced traction control." This is the first-ever front-wheel drive viscous limited slip differential.

Nissan has redesigned its Pathfinder, a four-wheel drive passenger vehicle with excellent off-road capability. Pathfinder now is available with four doors and a two-wheel drive model is also offered.

The Nissan line is rounded out with the Sentra and Pulsar models. All of these vehicles have garnered their share of compliments. The fact that the Axxess wasn't a smashing success isn't really all that big of a deal.