A few summers ago, every time I turned on the radio it seemed I heard a new song, liked it a lot and wondered who wrote it. Inevitably, song after song, the announcer would say the same name: Steve Wariner.

Who is this guy?I no longer wonder who he is. Utahns have watched the young country/pop artist progress from playing dance clubs like the Westerner to opening for shows like the Judds.

Now he's making his third appearance as the "big event" Thursday, June 7, at the Golden Spike Arena in Ogden at 8 p.m.

And he is an artist, recognized as one of the most talented guitarists in music today, possessor of a smooth voice and a wry, genuine way with words.

The award-winning musician keeps appearing on the charts. Every album has had at least one No. 1 song and a couple of hits. He's consistent.

People who love country music know him: "Small Town Girl," "Kansas City Lights," "Linda." He wrote nine of the 10 songs featured on his popular "I`ve Got Dreams" album. And he's been writing ever since.

But his love songs are different from most in the country genre. He doesn't sing about burying his misery in a bottle. He's left out the bitter edge that dominates so many country songs. And he's more apt to do "faithful" songs than "cheating" songs.

Take "I Should Be With You," the story of a man who is on the road performing when he ought to be with his wife. Or "Weekend," the story of a man who "fell in love for the very first time."

In a world where sweet too often comes across as sappy, Wariner's songs are different. And yes, they are sweet.

Which doesn't mean Wariner can't change the pace. In the past, his shows have featured a good mix of fast-paced, upbeat tunes and slower, more thought-provoking ones.