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The United Way of the Great Salt Lake Area announced allocations Thursday totaling $4.4 million to 114 programs that provide health and human services in Salt Lake, Summit and Tooele counties. The allocations represent a 14 percent increase over last year.

Two new programs were admitted as members to United Way. St. Vincent de Paul Center, a program operated by Catholic Community Services that serves the homeless, will receive $30,000 to use in the hot-noon-meal program and other services to the homeless and indigent. Murray Boys and Girls Club will receive $12,000 to start a program to provide sports and fitness classes, life skills classes, workshops on issues like drugs and a variety of recreational activities for handicapped youth in the area.Programs serving the emotionally troubled will receive $1.2 million (28 percent of allocated funds); the economically disadvantaged will receive $918,244 (21 percent); physically ill, $837,542 (19 percent); youth development and guidance, 11 percent of funds; handicapped, 4 percent of allocations; and other programs will receive the rest of the money.

The allocation of monies by the board of directors, under chairman Ken Hill, culminates five months' work by 190 volunteers who served on citizen review panels and made funding recommendations.

An additional $269,000 was set aside to fund appeals made to the emergency/special needs committee and for two new funding opportunities. One, a Venture Grant, will award money for demonstration projects which emphasize innovation in dealing with unmet community problems and/or encourage interagency collaboration. The Targeted Needs Fund will concentrate additional resources on problems given top priority by the Community Needs Committee, including basic needs for the economically disadvantaged, drug and alcohol treatment, self-sufficiency and counseling for abused and neglected and emotionally troubled youth.

Requests for proposals will be called for this summer.

The totals also included calendar-year allocations to the Utah Chapter of the American Cancer Society of $198,908, and $105,634 to the Utah affiliate of the American Heart Association. The two agencies are partners in the United Way drive and receive a percentage of the proceeds.

The largest program increase went to Legal Aid, which has been on a 14-month waiting list. It received a grant increase of $47,970, for a total allocation of $172,470.

The YWCA received the largest allocation, $290,515, for eight separate programs, including the battered-women's shelter and the home for pregnant teens. The largest single allocation will go to the Community Nursing Service/Hospice of Salt Lake for charity home-nursing care in the amount of $268,500.