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A bomb exploded Saturday night outside a 250-year-old military building in central London, injuring at least 11 people, most of whom were at a birthday party inside, officials said.

Police superintendent David Smith said the worst injured was a woman who was cut in the face and throat by flying glass."This is being treated as a terrorist attack," said Smith after the blast at the barracks of the Honorable Artillery Company in City Road, just north of the city's financial district.

He said the bomb damaged the building known as Armory House, built in 1735, which is part of the barracks complex.

Tom Parker, 21, a Canadian student at the London School of Economics, said about 30 students were inside at a birthday party.

"We were all standing at the bar upstairs when there was a loud bang. People were screaming and shouting and then they calmed down and some of the older people started helping the injured," Parker said.

There was no claim of responsibility but suspicion fell on the outlawed Irish Republican Army.

IRA gunmen killed one soldier and wounded two others in the northern city of Lichfield on June 1 and have killed 14 people on the continent since 1978, most of them British military personnel.