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A white supremacist battles a black businessman in an Arkansas runoff Tuesday for the Republican nomination for lieutenant governor. In South Carolina, two state senators compete for the Democratic nomination to challenge popular GOP Gov. Carroll Campbell.

In North Dakota, voters will decide whether to raise the sales tax for a year to bail out education, and to oust Labor Commissioner Byron Knutson, who is accused of mismanagement.And in Maine, a continuing game of political musical chairs enters a new round with primaries in both parties for the 1st District congressional seat held by Democratic Rep. Joseph E. Brennan.

Brennan served as governor until 1986, when, in effect, he swapped jobs with Republican John E. McKernan. Now Brennan wants his old job back and will run against McKernan, who incidentally is married to the state's other U.S. representative, Olympia Snowe.

The Democratic front-runner in a five-way race for Brennan's seat is Attorney General James E. Tierney, who was the unsuccessful Democratic nominee for governor in 1986.

In Arkansas, Ralph Forbes, a minister and former American Nazi leader, won 46 percent of the vote in last month's three-way primary for the GOP nomination for lieutenant governor.

Because he fell short of a majority, he was forced into a runoff with the second-place finisher, Kenneth "Muskie" Harris, the manager of a realty company who was a defensive back on Arkansas Razorbacks football teams.

In South Carolina, state Sens. Ernest Passailaigue and Theo Mitchell are vying for the right to take on Campbell, who is only the second Republican governor in the state this century.