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Among the six patents awarded to Utah inventors recently are a cryogenic shooter's target, exercise apparatus and a touch-controlled switch and alarm.Gary K. Beckstead, 3532 Baringwood Circle, Kearns 84118. Apparatus for forming a target for use by shooters, comprising a mold in which water is frozen to form a saucer-shaped target. Filed April 11, 1988. Patent 4,920,762.

Kenneth A. Miller, West Jordan. A portable, self-contained system for manufacturing fluid explosives. Assigned to Ireco Inc., Salt Lake City. Original application filed May 10, 1988. This application filed April 7, 1989. Patent 4,920,852.

Virginia R. Hollberg, 1169 Yale Ave., Salt Lake City 84105. An apparatus for dispensing viscous materials. Filed Dec. 5, 1988. Patent 4,921,130.

Scott R. Watterson, River Heights. A rowing exercise machine containing a resistance system. Assigned to Weslo Inc., Logan. Filed July 20, 1988. Patent 4,921,242.

Stephen C. Jacobsen, John E. Wood and Richard H. Price, all of Salt Lake City. An eccentric-motion motor for driving a mechanism. Assigned to Sarcos Group, Salt Lake City. Filed Oct. 3, 1988. Patent 4,922,164.

Bryce L. Hesterman, P.O. Box 472, Orem 84059. A touch-switch means adapted to operate an electric circuit. Filed Jan. 24, 1989. Patent 4,922,227.

Copies of patents may be obtained for $1.50 from Box 9, Patent and Trademark Office, Washington DC 20231.