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Less than two weeks remain to register for Roundball Ruckus, a three-on-three basketball extravaganza set for June 28-30 at the 49th Street Galleria.

Entry deadline is 10 p.m., June 21. Entry forms are available at all Hardee's and 7-11's and should be sent to: Roundball Ruckus Inc., 875 S. West Temple, P.O. Box 1647, Salt Lake City, 84110. They may also be taken in person to that address, which is the Coca-Cola Bottling Co."I've been getting entries every day," said Dave Hrechkosy, Coca-Cola representative. Hrechkosy, who played professional hockey in the NHL as well as two seasons with the Salt Lake Golden Eagles, expects to have about 500 entries in the various categories. There are categories for men and women, ages 10 and up. Teams will be grouped according to age and size (for example, there's a 40 and over division and a 6-foot and under division). "We'll feed all the teams into the computer and it will group them," Hrechkosy said.

Four people must sign up for each team. The registration fee is $60 per team.

Sponsors include the Deseret News, Coca-Cola, Hardee's, 7-11, Dan's, Meadow Gold, Continental Airlines, MDA, KCPX and the Karl Malone All-Star Basketball Camp.