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An elderly woman drowned when her car was swept away in flash flooding during a thunderstorm that pounded the Las Vegas Valley Sunday with up to 11/2 inches of rain, officials said.

A tourist shuttle bus was also swept about a block by a torrent that coursed down a street, but there were no serious injuries.The woman's car was swept more than a mile down a wash near McCarran International Airport until it lodged beneath an overpass, Metropolitan police said. The victim was not identified.

The shuttle bus was leaving the airport when it got caught in deep water on a street behind the Imperial Palace resort just east of the Las Vegas Strip and was swept along for about a block until it crashed against a street grid.

Thirteen passengers were rescued by firefighters through a rooftop emergency exit, but no serious injuries were reported.

The storm knocked out power to nearly 7,000 customers of the Nevada Power Co., and attempts to restore service were hampered by a four-day-old strike by 900 power company workers. Management and supervisory personnel worked to restore most service by late afternoon.