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David Arlan Renn, 51, Monroe, Sevier County, has pleaded no contest to a reduced charge of manslaughter in connection with the beating death of a live-in girlfriend, Sandra Schokow, 45.

After plea negotiations with prosecutors, Renn entered the plea, meaning he won't be tried on a second-degree murder charge filed in the woman's death. He was scheduled to go to trial July 16 after pleading not guilty to that charge. Sentencing will be July 11 at 10 a.m. in 6th District Court in Richfield.Renn called authorities on Feb. 16, reporting Schokow was unconscious. Sevier County Deputy Kim Sorenson found her lying in a pool of blood in a bed, and she died the following day at the Utah Valley Regional Medical Center in Provo. A medical examiner testified she died of multiple injuries caused by blows from a blunt object.

Authorities believed a fireplace poker was used to inflict the injuries. They also testified that Renn kicked Schokow because boots worn by the defendant had blood on them and boot impressions were found on the victim's body.

Sevier County Attorney Don Brown told the court that it may have been difficult to get a murder conviction because there were no witnesses, the victim had a history of instigating violence when intoxicated, and that she and Renn were drunk when the incident occurred.