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The nation's commander in chief gave awards to two Utah high schools Monday for heroic efforts on the front lines in the war on drugs.

President Bush gave "Drug Free School Awards" to Murray and Lehi high schools. They were among 51 schools from 25 states honored in Rose Garden ceremonies."Things have changed since I was in elementary school. When I was there, a lot of kids thought that it might be cool to take drugs. Now the attitude is, `no way,' " said Murray student Andrew Anderson, who will become student body president next year.

One reason for that is the "peer leadership" - a group of Murray High School students - that visits elementary and junior high schools to help students say "no" to drugs.

Another Murray program includes having some students perform undercover police work to help stop businesses from selling liquor to minors.

Programs at Lehi have not only helped reduce drugs but have also found ways to socially mix "straight" kids with high-risk groups.

The school also uses role-playing and special classes to help students come up with solutions to social problems they face.