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A tribute to the Anasazi tribe, a prehistoric civilization which disappeared from the Four Corners area around 1300, is scheduled June 19-21 at the Bureau of Land Management's Anasazi Heritage Center in Dolores, Colo.

The three-day event will feature exhibits of Anasazi artifacts and demonstrations of the tribe's arts and skills. Music and food stands also are planned.The cliff-dwelling tribe vanished for unknown reasons, leaving black-on-white pottery, designs on sandstone cliffs and ruins in Utah, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico, BLM spokeswoman Mary Plumb said.

Archaeologists are still trying to solve the tribe's disappearance, and a panel of experts will debate "What Happened to the Anasazi?" the opening night of the exhibition, Plumb said.

In addition, the BLM will host a Four Corners Governor's Conference to plan strategies for economic development and the public's role in preserving the sites.