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A former Ogden music store salesman has been sentenced to prison for fraudulent organ sales, despite pleas for leniency from the victims and a former employer.

Prosecutors say Tom Michael Rosenwinkel, 31, of Ogden, may have swindled as many as 16 victims out of as much as $52,000, although his defense attorney puts the figure closer to $10,000.Noting the exact restitution owed to the victims still has to be determined, 2nd District Judge David Roth sentenced Rosenwinkel to two terms of one-to-15 years in prison on two counts of second-degree felony theft. Rosenwinkel also received four terms of zero-to-five years on four counts of third-degree felony theft, to be served concurrently at the Utah State Prison.

Rosenwinkel pleaded guilty last month to the six counts in exchange for the dismissal of four other charges.

"I've received numerous letters from people who like you. Apparently, you haven't sold them anything," the judge told Rosenwinkel. Defense attorney Don Hughes said the letters included support from his victims.

"Yes, they don't want him to go to prison. They still like him, but they want their money back," Roth said.