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President Vaclav Havel, fresh from a decisive election victory, said he would ask Prime Minister Marian Calfa, a former Communist Party leader, on Wednesday to form the next Czechoslovak government.

"The president (Tuesday) met with the leadership of Civic Forum and Public Against Violence, the two strongest parties in the recent elections and all agreed Calfa should be appointed the new prime minister," presidential spokesman Michael Zantovsky told United Press International.Asked if Calfa had agreed, Zantovsky said: "He was there. He didn't say no."

After the meeting with representatives of the two political movements, Havel and Calfa met alone.

Civic Forum and its sister movement, Public Against Violence, the pro-democracy coalition that led the November revolution, were the clear winners in Czechoslovakia's first free elections in 44 years.

They took more than 50 percent of the vote and secured an overwhelming majority of seats in Parliament.