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The Davis County Republican Party's central committee will meet Monday to nominate a list of candidates to fill an upcoming vacancy on the County Commission.

The committee will meet at 7 p.m. Monday, June 18, at Davis High School in Kaysville. The public is invited.The committee will draw up a list of six candidates to fill the remaining term of commissioner William Peters. Peters is leaving July 1, appointed to a seat on the state board of pardons by Gov. Norm Bangerter.

Under state law, the party of the commissioner vacating the seat submits a slate of candidates and the remaining two commissioners pick a replacement from it. If they can't agree on a replacement and the vacancy remains unfilled after 30 days, a replacement is appointed by the governor.

The remaining commissioners, Gayle Stevenson and Dub Lawrence, will pick a replacement for Peters. Peters requested a legal opinion on whether the replacement process could begin while he was still in office, so he could vote on his successor.

Deputy Davis County Attorney Gerald Hess said his legal research indicates a departing commissioner cannot participate in naming his replacement.

Lawrence and Peters, longtime political foes, clashed repeatedly as commissioners. Stevenson and Lawrence also don't get along, leaving party officials wondering if Stevenson and Lawrence will be able to agree on naming an interim commissioner.

The appointment will run to the end of Peters' term, which expires this year. Party officials have indicated they will try to name an interim commissioner who is not one of the candidates running for the commission to avoid showing favoritism.

Candidates running in the September primary for the two commission seats coming open are Jack Bangerter and Ed Snow for seat A and Gerald Purdy and Blake Chard for seat B.

Stevenson has two years left in his term. Lawrence initially filed to run against Peters for his seat, but when Peters was appointed to the state board, Lawrence withdrew his candidacy for the county commission and opted to run for Congress instead.