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Gov. Norm Bangerter announced Wednesday that he will leave in August for a monthlong trade mission to seven European nations, including Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Poland, as well as to the Soviet Union, Japan and Korea.

The governor is scheduled to leave Salt Lake City for Amsterdam on Aug. 29 and depart for home from Seoul, Korea, on September 21. The trip will be his fourth and most ambitious effort to encourage investment in Utah. Previously, the governor has traveled on behalf of the state twice to the Orient and once to Europe.Besides meeting with overseas companies that already have operations in the state, Bangerter also will open Utah's first European office in Brussels, Belgium. Utah already has economic development offices in Taiwan, Japan and Korea.

The governor said he will be accompanied by his wife, no more than two members of his staff and several officials from the state Department of Community and Economic Development. The estimated cost per person of the trip is about $5,000.

Bangerter said Utahns will get their money's worth. "We believe it's critical that we take advantage of the changes taking place around the world," he said. Besides changes in the governments of Eastern European nations, the economic strength of the rest of Europe is set to get a boost in 1992, under a new Common Market agreement.

During the trip, the governor also will attend Olympics meetings in Tokyo.