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A prominent Utah physician who used a satellite linkup with doctors in the Soviet Union to help treat victims of the 1988 Armenian earthquake for shock and trauma will discuss his experiences in a lecture at the University of Utah Thursday, June 14.

Dr. Terry P. Clemmer, director of critical care medicine and co-director of the Shock-Trauma Unit at LDS Hospital in Salt Lake City, will speak at noon in 2325 Engineering and Mines Classroom Building. The topic is "Telemedicine in the Armenian Earthquake Area: Phase II."Clemmer's lecture is part of a special series of seminars sponsored by the U.'s department of bioengineering on "Health Maintenance in Remote Environments." The lectures are free and open to the public.

Other speakers in the U of U series:

-Monday, June 25, Dr. Joseph C. Sharp, space research director, NASA Ames Space Center in California, "Living Beyond Earth: Human Life Support Requirements in Extraterrestrial Environments"

-Tuesday, June 26, Dr. Jeffrey R. Davis, chief of operational medicine, NASA, Johnson Space Flight Center, Houston, Texas, "Astronauts as Patients"

-Thursday, June 28, Dr. Michael A. Reynolds, project manager, Crew Health Care, McDonnell Douglas Corp., Houston, Texas, "The Health Maintenance Facility for Space Station Freedom."