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Establishing and using range forages will be the topic of a Utah State University field day Friday, June 22, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., at the Tintic Experiment Station. The station is situated on Highway 6 just south of Tintic Junction.

"We will provide research-based information for ranchers and for employees of federal and state agencies charged with managing Utah's rangelands," said USU range scientist Chris Call.Researchers from the USU Range Science Department will review how plants interact and how animals behave under the short-duration grazing trials that have been conducted at the station for several years.

Researchers will also discuss current information on fixing and transferring nitrogen, applying herbicides, the ecology of fire, establishing seedlings, response to defoliation and animal use and performance on the range. An overview of forages research will be also be presented.

Snacks and lunch are available at no cost to those attending the field day. For information on the Tintic Field Day, call the USU Range Science Department at 750-2471.