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Nebo School District made changes in its citizenship policy Wednesday that will require students to make up unsatisfactory marks more quickly.

The old policy allowed students one term to reduce the number of U's they had to two. But Larry Kimball, director of secondary education, said an entire term is too much time to give students to reduce their unexcused absences.With the changes, the policy now require that U's are to be reduced to two midway through the following term. Kimball said this will allow schools to better monitor those students with unsatisfactory citizenship marks.

Students failing to meet the deadline will be suspended from school or referred to an alternative placement. Students also cannot have more than two unresolved U's to register for school the following year or to graduate.

A student can make up a U by attending a four-hour citizenship class or by completing a four-hour pre-approved school or community project, plus pay a $10 fee. U's can also be made up by completing an eight-hour pre-approved school or community project, plus a $2 fee.