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A regional office of Capital Funding Group Ltd. has been established at 349 S. 200 East by William Tabar, owner of VR Business Brokers, a company that purchases and sells businesses in the Rocky Mountain area.

Tabar said Capital Funding Group Ltd. has its principal office in Burbank, Calif., and is an investment banking company that locates proper financing for emerging and mature companies along with selected new ventures.An investment banker, CFG provides a fully integrated investment packaging service for companies representing an important and rapidly growing segment of the American economy, said Tabar.

He said Capital provides an alternative to conventional funding provided by banks. "Employing the services of a fully integrated highly professional investment banking firm, such as CFG, can provide small companies with access to the public and private capital markets that were formerly unavailable," Tabar said.

Office manager is Beau Backman, who has 13 years experience in the investment banking business.

Tabar said most acquisitions of smaller businesses for under $1 million are arranged successfully by the seller, but financing larger transactions traditionally has been very difficult. He said CFG's willingness to work with the businesses in the area of between $1 million and $25 million is a major boost to buyers and sellers of manufacturing, service and distribution businesses that are the backbone of Utah's economy.

Backman said he will work closely in assisting business professionals to present their requests to CFG's management. He said the preliminary review isn't difficult, but an adequate business plan and financial information are essential before funding can be granted.