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In the latest sign of crumbling support for the Kremlin's embargo on Lithuania, Moscow's City Council discussed sending gasoline to the Baltic republic to ensure it has enough fuel to keep up milk supplies to Russia.

The Postfactum news service said Thursday that the council, which is dominated by radical reformers, is thinking of sending gasoline in rail tank cars guarded by council members.Food is always in short supply in the Soviet Union, but with the recent panic buying touched off by the government's plan to raise food prices, Moscow officials are especially concerned about keeping their sources of dairy products.

Newly elected Russian President Boris Yeltsin already has promised to send supplies to Lithuania, and presidents of several other republics reportedly told Gorbachev in a Kremlin meeting Tuesday that the embargo should be stopped.

Gorbachev ordered the cutoff of all oil, most natural gas and some raw material shipments to Lithuania in April in an effort to force it to rescind its March 11 declaration of independence.