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Salt Lake City should encourage the Salt Lake Olympics Bid Committee to select the city as a site for an ice sheet that will be used for figure skating and ice hockey if the 1998 Olympic bid is successful, according to a resolution adopted by the board of governors of the Salt Lake Area Chamber of Commerce.

Susan Flaim, communications director for the chamber, presented the resolution, which said city officials propose to build the ice rink on Guardsman Way adjoining the recently completed Steiner Aquatic Center, allowing the new facility to use existing utility hookups.Fred S. Ball, chamber president, said Davis, Weber and Utah counties are pushing the committee for the opportunity to build the speed-skating oval required by the Olympics, and several areas are pushing for the ice sheet.

The resolution said construction of the ice sheet on Guardsman Way would be close to the proposed Olympic athletes' village at the University of Utah and close to other Olympic venues.