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State licensing regulators are seeking a cease-and-desist order against a Bennion contractor who is doing concrete work without a license and has failed to pay suppliers, a petition said.

According to the petition filed with the state Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing, Warren D. Stock, owner of The Home Improvement Co. and Perma Crete Inc., has a contractor's license that limits him to do residential and small-commercial work that doesn't allow concrete work.But in 1989 he advertised services to do concrete work, for which he is not licensed. In bids, he identified his company as Perma Crete Inc., which is not a registered Utah corporation, the petition said.

On seven jobs, customers paid Perma Crete for its work, but Perma Crete failed to pay the concrete supplier, the petition said. The concrete supplier filed liens totaling $7,554 against the properties where Perma Crete had done the work.

One customer gave Perma Crete a $650 down payment on a job that the company never started. The money never was returned, the petition said. In another instance, a $453 payment from Perma Crete to a supplier didn't clear the bank and the property owner paid the supplier himself to avoid a second lien against his property.

In addition to the cease and desist order, the division seeks sanctions against Stock's contractor license and an appropriate fine, the petition said.

Stock may either have a hearing on the allegations or negotiate a settlement of the petition with the division.