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Representatives of the American Football Coaches Association have been invited to participate in a meeting with the NFL and NCAA on June 20 to work on strengthening relations, the AFCA said Thursday.

Terry Donohue of UCLA, Hayden Fry of Iowa, Dick Sheridan of North Carolina State and LaVell Edwards of Brigham Young will represent the AFCA. NCAA executive director Dick Schultz invited the AFCA to participate. NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue is expected to attend.The AFCA said mini-camps, scouting combines, the NFL draft, graduation rates, agents and the impact of the World League of American Football are expected to be discussed at the three-way meeting.

The College Football Association, representing more than 60 NCAA Division I teams, called on the NFL earlier this month to reschedule mini-camps and combines to keep athletes from missing class time. The CFA voted to bar NFL scouts from its film rooms and facilities until the league becomes more sensitive to the problem.

"The NFL has agreed to sit down with the AFCA and NCAA and hammer out some agreements that will bring order to a lot of the problems we've been discussing," Donohue said. "The last thing we want is an adversarial relationship with professional football."