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Not much has been heard from Don McLean since his big hit, "American Pie," in 1971 but he's working on a comeback. An album titled "Headroom" will be released in the fall and it deals with topics ranging from kids watching too much television to the public's embrace of style over substance. After the short-lived success of "American Pie," McLean says he no longer wants to be a star. "When you're really hot, it's dangerous," he said. "Back then, I recall it being quite unpleasant. I didn't commit suicide and I didn't go into bankruptcy but it was quite a swim upstream until I got my bearing." Nonetheless, he's pleased that he made his mark. "(American Pie is) not just another song I wrote, that's for sure," McLean said. "It's a folk song. It belongs to the people. If children keep singing it, it will be around for ever, long after I'm dead."