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How-to-cope stories have always been well-read features of the Deseret News. Whether they are coping with big problems or small worries, readers have traditionally turned to advice columns for answers.

Take, for example, this column from June 1955. A worried reader wanted to make the proper appearance on her daughters' big day, so she wrote to columnist Beth Blair:I will be attending a piano recital soon, at which my daughters, 9 and 11, will play. Should they wear long dresses? What should I wear? I would like to wear a fur cape. The recital is between 7 and 9 p.m.

I would think that short party or Sunday dresses would be worn by the little girls. However, that is more or less up to the teacher who is planning the affair. I suggest that you ask her what the other children are wearing and dress your daughters accordingly.

You could wear any simple afternoon dress in printed or dark silk or silk-type fabric. Your fur cape would be perfectly proper if the evening is cool. If not, you might wear a silk coat, a dress with a jacket or a dress alone.

The Deseret News had several advice columnists over the years, including Ramona W. Cannon, who - as Mary Marker from 1947 to 1974 - advised people in all sorts of quandaries through her column "Confidentially Yours."

Currently, Dear Abby and Miss Manners give similar advice. Local columnists JoAnn Larsen and Brent Barlow regularly advise subscribers on family matters, and Judith Rasband answers fashion questions.

Other readers find the help they hope for on the Monday Consumer page or in any number of feature articles, such as the one Elaine Jarvik wrote about an amazingly popular new anti-depressant.